5th International African Palliative Care Conference
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16-19 August, 2016 Speke Resort | Munyonyo | Kampala | Uganda

Visa Requirements for Rwanda

With the exception of delegates from the East African Community countries, a visa is required for travel to Rwanda. The Rwanda Directorate General of Immigration and Emigration website states that from 1st Jan 2018, nationals of all countries receive a visa on arrival at Kigali International Airport and all land borders on arrival or from Rwandan Embassies prior to travel. Optionally, one can apply online at the official website of the DGIE; or the Government portal only. There is no single affiliated Agent that is authorized to apply for visa on your behalf. Such Agents may mislead travellers and charge more than the visa fees. The visa fees must not exceed 30 USD for single entry visa. Follow this link to know the standard rates of visa fees;

Proof of yellow fever vaccination is required for travellers entering from regions with yellow fever transmission. This may extend to recent travel as well.

The Rwandan government is allowed to change this process at any time and is allowed to request additional materials during the visa process.

For more information about Visa requirements, fees and exempt countries click here.




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