Palliative Care and
Universal Health Coverage

6th International African Palliative Care Conference
Hosted by African Palliative Care Association and the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Rwanda   17-20 September, 2019     Kigali Convention Centre | Rwanda Early bird registration ends 31st May 2019, register now


  1. Through plenary sessions delivered by globally renowned speakers across the four track areas.
  2. Pre-conference workshops
  3. Oral and poster presentations based on abstracts that will be reviewed and accepted by the scientific committee.
  4. Abstract based workshops and other special workshops identified by the conference scientific committee.
  5. Exhibitions

Summary of the pre-conference workshops

The following six pre-conference workshops are proposed. Their actual implementation will be dependent on the availability of funds. APCA and the Ministry of Rwanda are open to partnerships and collaborations in the financing and effective delivery of these workshops.

a)Third session of the African Ministers of Health on palliative care

This session follows the second session of the African Ministers of Health Session on Palliative Care held in Kampala, Uganda at the 5th International African Palliative care conference held in August 2016. At this session, ministers unanimously adopted a Consensus statement for strengthening palliative care as a component of comprehensive care throughout the life course in Africa – “The Kampala Declaration 2016.” The 2019 third session of the African Ministers of Health on palliative care will aim to elaborate the importance of palliative care and pain relief as part of the essential package for universal health coverage. The session is expected to inspire African Governments to consider the inclusion of palliative care and pain relief in their roadmaps towards UHC. It is also expected to build the momentum of African Governments and obtain commitment towards the inclusion of palliative care and pain relief in the deliberations and outcome document from the UN high-level meeting on UHC in 2019. Country progress and plans for UHC will be shared to create inspiration and renewed commitment towards UHC that is inclusive of palliative care and pain relief. Ministers will also share their progress and update each other on implementing the WHA resolution on palliative care since the 2016 session. A more detailed summary of this session will be available.

b)Pre-conference workshop for professional councils and heads of teaching institutions

This session will target the deans and heads of universities, nursing schools, schools of social work and other leaders of health and social care teaching institutions. It will also target professional councils such as medical and dental practitioner’s councils, nurses and midwives councils, law councils and others. The aim of the workshop is to facilitate the exchange of lessons for the integration of palliative care in teaching institutions with a view to influencing greater interest and enthusiasm among institutions that have not integrated palliative care into their curricula. The workshop will also aim to influence professional councils to become active partners in ensuring adequate human resources for the provision of palliative care services in their countries.

c)Pre-conference Research workshop

This workshop will evaluate progress in building the evidence base for palliative care since the last tri-annual workshop in August 2016, as well as share some of the outstanding research projects accomplished. It will also facilitate the review of the regional direction and prioritisation of the research agenda.  Members will have an opportunity to engage in discussions aimed at developing the minimum membership package. 

d)Resource mobilisation and fundraising workshop for hospices and national palliative care associations

This workshop will enable hospices and national palliative care associations to learn new approaches and acquire skills as they discuss challenges they are facing in raising money and other resources for their sustainability. Innovative strategies and approaches for resource mobilisation and fundraising, including lessons and best practices will be shared.

e)Spiritual care workshop

This workshop will aim to share best practice models on the provision of spiritual care, a core component of comprehensive palliative care services. Research findings on the importance of spiritual care will be shared and priorities for future research will be identified and delegates supported to undertake more research on spiritual care, after the workshop.

f)Partnerships and collaboration

To achieve universal access to palliative care and pain relief as a core component of UHC, partnerships and collaborations are critical. These provide opportunities for leveraging resources, including non-financial resources such as knowledge and skills. This workshop will therefore facilitate the sharing of models and approaches for successful partnerships and outcomes. Delegates will also share frameworks and innovations in developing and sustaining meaningful partnerships. It is expected that new linkages and collaborations will result from the workshop and general conference.


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