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Governance Structure Summary

  • General Assembly, consisting of individual and institutional members, meets every 3 years.
  • General Assembly appoints APCA Board of Directors and approves external auditors.
  • APCA Board of Directors serves two three-year terms, oversees the organization's strategic direction, and comprises 10 members, including an executive committee.
  • The Executive Director  who leads the secretariat, sets strategic direction, and mobilizes resources for organizational objectives. He is supported by Managers and officers who implement the day -to-day activities. 

About the Governance Structure

APCA’s governance body is the General Assembly that is comprised of its members, both individual and institutional , who meet once every 3 years, at the sidelines of the APCA Triennial International African Palliative Care Conference. The General Assembly appoints the APCA Board of Directors and also approves the external auditors every 3 years. 

The APCA Board of Directors who get their mandate from the General Assembly, serve two (2), three-year terms. These BOD are nominated based on their skills-sets as required by APCA, regional and language representation and commitment to the organization. They are charged with overseeing the strategic direction of the organization through the Executive Director, and the secretariat. As mandated by the APCA Constitution, the BOD is composed of 10 members. The BOD is further composed of an executive committee, nominated by themselves, that is comprised of the Chairperson, vice-chairperson, Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer and the Executive Director as an ex-officio. Other committees are set up on an adhoc basis as and when the need arises. For succession planning and continuity, there is always an overlap between members as all 10 members can not step down at the same time. The current BOD, appointed at the General Assembly meeting held in August, 2022 is composed of 3 members serving their second term and 7 new members serving their first term. The BOD hold regular quarterly meetings either virtually or face-to-face. At these meetings they get updates on activity implementation in alignment to the Strategic Plan, (APCA is currently implementing a 10 year strategic plan 2020 -2023). They also approve operational policies, annual audit and financial reports, annual budgets and workplans. They support the Advocacy, Resource Mobilization and Research agendas of the organisation. 

Below the BOD is the APCA secretariat headed by the Executive Director who is responsible for setting the strategic direction of the organisation, developing and implementing plans and mobilising resources to achieve the organisational objectives and sustainability.  The ED provides leadership to the APCA team, strengthens strategic partnerships and maintains high standards of governance and stakeholder engagement. 

The ED is supported by three Managers in driving the strategy. These include; The Programmes and Research and Development Manager; the Administration /Human Resource Manager; the Finance Manager. These form the senior management team and below them are officers and assistants. The APCA team is composed of highly skilled and competent  individuals who are committed to the mandate of the organisation.

Thobekile Finger

Public Health Specialist, Programmes Management, South Africa
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Prof Ikeoluwapo O. Ajayi

Research/ Education/Palliative care, Nigeria
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Dr. Bernard Tei-Mensah Dornoo

Legal/ Government relations/ Public service , Governance/ Public Health/ HIV, Ghana
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Frederick Kibeddi

Finance and accounting, auditing at operational and governance level, Uganda
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Dr Rene Krause

Palliative Care Specialist, Lecturer, University of Cape Town, South Africa
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Irene Among

Organizational/Social Development Specialist, Germany/Uganda
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Prof Liz Gwyther

Palliative Care Education/ Governance/ Resource Mobilisation/ Tapping CSR budgets of big business, South Africa
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Dr Zippy Ali

Palliative Care advocacy/ Governance/ Resource Mobilisation, Kenya
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Lídia Justino Mondlane

Government relations in Lusophone/ Portuguese speaking countries, Mozambique
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Diederik de Savornin Lohman

Legal/ Human Rights/ Resource mobilisation, USA
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