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Zoom webinar series on End of Life Education: Pain Management

Join us for an enlightening Zoom webinar series on end of life on Dec 15, 2023, at 03:00 PM Nairobi time!Topic: Pain ManagementExplore crucial insights with esteemed panelists:Constance DahlinPatrick CoyneWhy Attend?Gain profound knowledge on end-of-life careConnect with industry expertsMark your…Click to view details

Webinar: Improving end of life care experiences for people with advanced disease

Join our exclusive Zoom webinar series featuring experienced educators in end of life care Topic: IMPROVING END OF LIFE EXPERIENCES FOR PEOPLE WITH SERIOUS ILLNESSES: Patient assessment in end-of-life careSpeakersPatrick Coyne - Clinical Nurse Specialist, Assistant Professor, and Director for …Click to view details